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Our Mission

Centered in our love for Jesus, we worship God, reach out to those in need, celebrate our blessings, and love and care for each other. We are inclusive and welcoming of all God’s people. Together, we strive to faithfully meet the challenges of a changing world.

Goals and Objectives 2024-2025

Goal 1 Member Ministry

Ministry to our existing members)—Optimize, increase, and evaluate opportunities to engage existing members to grow in God. Team Leader TBD, Vestry Member Liaison Kate Muris.  Members:  Jan and Jay Bowdler, Tammy Murray, Rev. Mary.


Goal 2 Spiritual Formation

Offer spiritual opportunities that draw us into a relationship with Jesus no matter where we are in our spiritual journey* Team Leader Rev. Mary, Vestry Member Liaison Chris Chamness. (The clergy of St. Michael’s)


Goal 3 New Members

Neighborhood and New Members

Attract, engage, and develop our neighbors to become new members to grow in God. Team Leader TBD, Vestry Member Laison Renee Pierce. (Pastor Katie)


Goal 4 Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

All are Welcome—Promote Diversity, Equity, and inclusion (DEI) Team Leader TBD, Vestry Member Laison Doug Davy. (Suzanne Phinney, Jackie Linn)


Goal 5 Children, Youth, & Young Adult

Offer opportunities for children, youth, and young adults to develop their spirituality, to grow in God Team Leader ________ Vestry Member Liaison Mary Kessler. (Pastor Katie)


Goal 6 Going Carbon Neutral

Green Team — With the National Church and Diocese, move towards carbon neutrality by 2030 God Team Leader Pat Cole Vestry Member Liaison Sue Davis  (Sue Gaston and John Quené)


Goal 7 Expanding Outreach

Expand Outreach Opportunities—Reaching out to those in need. God Team Leader Dancy Dobrenick, Vestry Member Liaison Renee Pierce.  (Christine Manning, Mercy & Social Justice Committee)


Goal 8 Rector Transition

Find the right person to succeed Rev Mary.


Goal 9 School Relations

Maintain and find opportunities to strengthen the relationship with the St. Michael’s Day School in this time of transition for both organizations. Leader TBD, Vestry Liaison Mary Kessler and Rick Larkey, Members:  Vestry