The Sanctuary we worship in today was completed in May 1963 and has undergone a renovation that was completed in 2018.  We moved the altar into the center of our worship space to reflect the goal of Christ being in the center of our lives.  We upgraded the lighting, sound, and video capabilities.  Our unique stained glass windows were cared for in the process as well.  We hope you can feel the holiness of our space and can settle into its beauty.

Since we moved back into the classrooms and the Sanctuary, we are enjoying the beauty and enhancements of the newly renovated spaces. It was a great success in all ways! Follow the story of our church renovation.

Covid-19 Precautions

The St. Michael’s task force determined these precautions that the congregation will be taking to help curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus. These items include:

  1. People who have not been fully vaccinated are required to wear masks.
  2. People are empowered to make their own choices on how they want participate.
  3. We will continue to try to protect the most vulnerable.
  4. We will remain flexible and if the numbers change in any direction, we will address the situation accordingly.

For a full list of procedures and updates, check out our Covid-19 Procedures & News.

Covid-19 Procedures & News

Usage of St. Michael's Facilities

In addition to our own diocesan church groups and organizations, St. Michael’s has traditionally offered its campus facilities to individuals and community groups in an on-going effort to outreach to the community and our surrounding neighbors.  We are proud to share our space with St. Michael’s Episcopal Day School and Troop 802.  It is a busy and well used campus!

Use the Facilities

Emergency Preparedness Disaster Plan

St. Michael’s Episcopal Church has developed a Disaster Preparedness Plan to help mitigate casualty in the event of some catastrophe. Please review and familiarize yourself with this document.

Disaster Preparedness Document

Facilities Usage

Available Space

If you are interested in using our facilities, please contact our office.  To use our facilities, we require you to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement and follow our Alcohol Policy.  Included in the facility Use Policy are a list of our fees.

Available FacilitiesFacilities Use PolicyFacilities Use AgreementPrintable description of the facilitiesFacility Request Form

Available Facilities


The sanctuary will accommodate approximately 300 people and its use is at the discretion of the Rector.

Parish Hall

The Parish Hall is approximately 30 by 60 feet and will accommodate 200 people. The Parish Hall is separated from Johnstone Hall by a collapsible wall. The Parish Hall has some sound system capabilities.

Instructions for Use

Johnstone Hall

This hall is approximately twice the size of the Parish Hall. It is equipped to host community theatre (lights and a limited sound system) with a stage and stage extenders.

Instructions for Use

Friendship Room

This room is approximately 23 by 17 feet. In assembly set up, it has a maximum capacity of 27 people. It regularly has a U-Shape set up that can seat up to 18 people at tables facing the white board and smart TV. This room has a sink in it.  The Friendship Room and The Noel Porter Room can be combined to create space for up to 50 people in assembly set up.

The Noel Porter Room (Classroom)

This room is approximately 23 by 14 1/2 feet. In assembly set up, it has maximum capacity of 22 people. It has a conference type table that can seat 10 comfortably. This room has a sink in it.  The Friendship Room and The Noel Porter Room can be combined to create space for up to 50 people in assembly set up.

Hayden room (conference room)

This room is approximately 16 by 18 1/2 feet. It has a conference table and chairs that will accommodate 8 people. In assembly set up, it has a maximum capacity of 21 people. This room has a smart TV and a white board.


This attractive outside area has garden beds with trees and flowers. It also has a fountain, benches and tables and umbrellas. There is a sound system in the courtyard now.

We also have a lovely labyrinth.  If you would like to use the labyrinth, please schedule a time with the office.  You are welcome to bring a group with you if you would like.


St. Michael’s has a commercial-sized kitchen immediately adjacent to the Parish Hall. It is equipped with a six burner gas range; two large ovens; a large grill; a convection oven, a commercial dishwasher with adjacent large, stainless steel sinks; two commercial refrigerators; a commercial ice machine; a large prep area with a stainless steel prep table and twin sinks. Coffee pots of varying sizes, and serving dishes and utensils are also available.

Instructions for Use