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Goal 8:  Rector Transition: Find the right person to succeed Rev Mary.


Objective 8.1.  By 04.30.24 the Vestry Excecutive Committee will  form a Rector Transition Team that meets as needed to oversee the implementation of the following objectives.

Objective 8.2 By 06.30.24 Mary Ellen will lead a Thankyou Rev Mary Team to implement the following objectives.

Objective 8.2.1.  By 04.30.24 have developed the Thank you Rev Mary Team.

Objective 8.2.2. By 04.30.24 have developed a good-by celebration plan.

Objective 8.2.3. By 06.30.24 Rev. Mary will have been sent off with our blessings to her new life.

Objective 8.3. By 04.30.24 The Vestry Executive Committee will have appointed an Interim Search Team Chair to develop the following:

Objective 8.3.1. By 04.30.24 have developed the Interim Search Team.

Objective 8.3.2. By 07.30.24 have developed an Interim Search Plan in consultation with Canon Julie.

Objective 8.4. By 09.30.25 will have called a new Rector.

Objective 8.4.1. By 05.31.24 Doug Davy, working with the Vestry Executive Committee will have formed a New Rector Search Team.

Objective 8.4.2. By 07.31.24 The Search Team will have developed a plan including a timeline for review and approval of the Vestry. The plan will include the old search materials, the new revised Diocesan Search Materials, have scheduled the Story Workshop led by Canon Julie, with a recommendation on whether to use Holy Cow for this search.