The ministry of the Vestry at St. Michael’s includes strategic governance and fiduciary responsibility. The expectation is that the Rector with the Vestry leadership  will lead the parish to be a relevant, welcoming and Christ centered place. Many members are involved in other areas of interest, but the focus of this ministry is to lead the leaders of the church. Each vestry member identifies a ministry in which they will participate as a liaison between the committee work and the strategic goals.

The goal is to help our ministries stay focused and help the work being done get communicated better throughout the congregation. It is the role of the Vestry to keep the church fiscally responsible. We meet regularly to discuss and identify areas of concern as well as areas to celebrate! We want to help all members grow and spread the gospel to those who have not yet experienced it.

Every year, we elect our new vestry members at our annual meeting, which is being held January 22, 2023 immediately following the 10am service.  This year, we have openings for 4 new vestry members to carry out three-year terms, and one new vestry member to fulfill Lis Padula’s term.  We want to thank Lis for her service in this capacity.  You were a valued member of our team and we appreciate your work on the vestry.

If you are interested in this work, please fill out a nomination form and return it to the office by December 31st.

Nomination Form

2022 - 2023 Vestry

Doug Davy — Senior Warden
Marlo Tinney — Junior Warden
Eileen Thomas — Clerk
Bob McMichael — Member
Kate Muris — Member
Andrea LaMattina — Member
Pamela Lueders — Member
Janet West — Member
Rick Larkey — Member
Jane Samuelson — Member
Mary Kessler — Member

2022 Diocesan Delegates

Harriette Carr
Sr. Tina Francesca Ferriot
Kate Muris
Lis Padula
Renée Pierce
Jane Samuelson
Holly Yue
Janice Bowdler (Alternate)

Annual Meeting – January 22, 2023

Every year in January we meet as a congregation to take a look at the state of our church.  Each ministry of the church submits an annual report.  They are collected and presented to the congregation in preparation of the annual meeting.  At this meeting, we elect our upcoming vestry and our diocesan delegates.  We also present our financials for the past year and present the budget for the next.  Thank you for joining us for our 2022 Annual Meeting and please mark your calendars for the 2023 Annual Meeting – January 22, 2023.

Doug Davy

Senior Warden

I am a long-time member of St. Michael’s and an active participant of several of our ministries. My wife, Mary, and I raised our two children here and St. Michael’s continues to be a vital institution in both our lives. I believe that serving others in church ministry is essential for personal and spiritual growth. Previous ministries have included ushering, stewardship, finance, and chairing the campus space renovation. I have also benefited from helping provide community dinners at St. Matthew’s Center and to feed unhoused people in the Winter Shelter program. This will be my third term on the Vestry. St. Michael’s has been an important part of the Carmichael and wider Sacramento communities for many years and will be for many more.

Mary Kessler

Vestry Member

I have a long relationship with St. Michael’s as our now-grown sons attended St. Michael’s Episcopal Day School. My husband, Michael, and I have participated in several St Michael’s ministries including Rise Against Hunger, Trunk or Treat, Halloween gift bags during the pandemic, Gifts from the Heart, Coffee Hour, and serving meals at St. Matthew’s Center and the Winter Shelter program, as well as volunteering in various school activities. I am a Project Management Professional working on a large project at CalSTRS. I enjoy gardening, cycling, travel and music.

Rick Larkey

Vestry Member

Rick was born and raised in Sacramento, in his youth went to St. Matthews, came to St. Michael’s in 1980. He is happily married to Inez and together they have six children and eight grandchildren ranging in age from 3 months to 26 years. Rick is committed to helping people find meaning careers and gainful employment especially in trade and technical occupations (dirty jobs). He has a AA from American River College, a BA from Sac State, and a MPA from the JFKSG Harvard.

Bob McMichael

Vestry Member

Bob has been a parishioner at St. Michaels since 1974. He has been on the Vestry and was Senior Warden in 2008. He moved to Sacramento in 1974 from Texas where he spent 3 years as an officer in the Air Force and 9 years in Aerospace Advanced Programs with General Dynamics. In 1971 he became Director of Planning for Harte Hanks Newspapers in San Antonio Texas. After moving to Sacramento, where he spent 26 years as Director of Planning with McClatchy Newspapers, he retired in 2000. He and Gail have 3 sons and 7 grandchildren. All of his sons went to our own St. Michael's Episcopal Day School.

Marlo Tinney

Junior Warden

Serving on the vestry is an opportunity to give back to the church and our community by supporting both our worship and outreach activities. At SME Church I have been involved with Altar Guild, Winter Shelter & Respite, God’s helping hand laundry, St. Matthew’s dinners, wedding coordination, and various church fund-raising events. My employment responsibilities have included project management, staff development & training, finance, policy analysis, and serving as an ex-officio board member.

Eileen Thomas


I have received incredible emotional, spiritual, and professional support from St. Michael's parish. Because of family obligations and my work at River City Food Bank, I have not been able to reciprocate and give back to my St. Michael's family. I feel that' l now have the time and ability to serve my parish by being a vestry member. Leading a nonprofit for sixteen years has honed my organizational and leadership skills. More importantly, my work in Sacramento as an advocate for the poor, the hungry, the homeless and those who are "invisible," has strengthened my desire to continue to work for social justice and peace within our community. St. Michael's has embraced social justice and mercy. I hope my passion, experience and connections can enhance the incredible work that this parish is doing.

Jane Samuelson

Vestry Member

The St. Michael’s community has been a part of my life for the last 10 years since 2012. I am an active participant of many of our worship, program and outreach ministries. I would like to help St. Michael’s continue to grow in service and would be honored to serve our community in this way.

Andrea LaMattina

Vestry Member

I sing in the choir at the 10 a.m. service and have hosted coffee hour with the choir. I have also volunteered at the crab feed. I am excited to support the great works of the parish and to give back for the support I receive here. I want to be part of our evolution.

Pamela Lueders

Vestry Member

I would like to be able to serve our church by providing guidance and support to the church and its outreach in the community. I have professional experience as a manager, event planning, teaching, outreach as well as a therapist. I also have past experience of volunteering with the church and serving as a Sunday School teacher.

Kate Muris

Vestry Member

Kate is a long-time member of St. Michael’s. She is also one of the longest active members of the choir and as well as of Mission Avenue Players, St. Michael’s group of actors which began in 1978. She loves weekly Bible Study. Kate is involved in many servant ministries: Lector, Eucharistic Minister and Visitor, acted as member and chair of the Congregational Commission on Ministry, and is now a member of the newly formed Regional Diocesan Group. She is part of the Member Ministry and Stewardship Committee. She is currently on the Vestry, having served several times previously, once as Senior Warden. Kate has been a Delegate to Diocesan Convention three times and will do so again this year. Over the past five years she has been the Bookkeeper. Kate loves to sing, act, write poetry and connect with people, sharing her love and faith.

Jan West

Vestry Member

I’ve enjoyed attending church, singing in the choir, and getting to know the St. Michael’s family since April of 2017. I’m a life-long Episcopalian, confirmed in the church way back when they confirmed sixth graders! Can’t imagine I really knew what I was getting into at that time, but I’m proud to say I still love the Episcopalian way of things today. I’m so proud to have been nominated for the Vestry; just like in the sixth grade, I’m sure I have no idea what I’ve gotten myself into. Still, I’m sure I’ll love the way of things because what I have seen and experienced so far is so very wonderful. I want to help St. Michael’s grow. The past year has taught us all that the strength of community with faith and love is of paramount importance to all people, regardless of where they come from or how they got to the present moment. I am blessed to be able to use my skill set and my heart in the service of St. Michael’s.

2022 Diocesan Delegates to Convention

The 112th Annual Convention of the Diocese of Northern California was Friday, October 21 – Saturday, October 22, 2022 at the Redding Civic Auditorium.

Here are some highlights

We will be electing the 2023 Delegates to the Diocesan Convention at our annual meeting on January 22, 2023 immediately following the 10am service.  If you are interested in serving, please fill out a nomination form.  Thank  you for considering this ministry.

St. Michael’s Diocesan Delegates’ represent St. Michael’s at the annual convention. There are deanery convocations to inform the delegates what canon changes and resolutions will be presented at convention. In addition, they elect members of the diocese to fill vacant governance roles at the diocesan level.

Nomination Form