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The ministry of the Vestry at St. Michael’s includes strategic governance and fiduciary responsibility. The expectation is that the Rector with the Vestry leadership  will lead the parish to be a relevant, welcoming and Christ centered place. Many members are involved in other areas of interest, but the focus of this ministry is to lead the leaders of the church. Each vestry member identifies a ministry in which they will participate as a liaison between the committee work and the strategic goals.

The goal of the vestry is to help our ministries stay focused and get the support the need to succeed.  Currently we are working on new strategic goals and marketing ourselves better within the Carmichael and Sacramento communities. It is the role of the Vestry to keep the church fiscally healthy. We meet regularly to discuss and identify opportunities of growth, areas of concern, and areas to celebrate! We want to help all members grow and spread the gospel to those who have not yet experienced it.

This year, at our annual meeting, we elected three new members.  We have two openings for vestry.  One is for a three year term and the other is or a one year term.  You must be a member of good standing for at least six months before you can be on the vestry.  If you are interested in this work, please fill out a nomination form and return it to Rev. Mary.

Nomination Form

2024 - 2025 Vestry

Rick Larkey — Senior Warden
Tammy Murray — Junior Warden
Chris Chamness — Clerk
Sue Davis — Member
Doug Davy — Member
Greg Dewey — Member
Mary Ellen Ferguson— Member
Mary Kessler — Member
Suzanne Phinney — Member
Renée Pierce — Member
Jane Samuelson — Member

2024 Diocesan Delegates

Sue Corbin
Cindy Dewey
Kate Muris
Laura Quené
Lee Ranes
Dianne Robbins
Holly Yue

Sr. Tina Francesca Ferriot
Renée Pierce

Annual Meeting – January 28, 2024

Every year in January we meet as a congregation to take a look at the state of our church.  Each ministry of the church submits an annual report.  They are collected and presented to the congregation in preparation of the annual meeting.  At this meeting, we elect our upcoming vestry and our diocesan delegates.  We also present our financials for the past year and present the budget for the next.  Thank you for joining us for our 2023 Annual Meeting and please mark your calendars for the 2023 Annual Meeting – January 28, 2024.

World Café Summary

We want to thank everyone who participated in the World Café’s. We are also very grateful for our leader and Senior Warden, Tammy Murray. Doug Davy, Jr. Warden, wrote a summary of the suggestions. Thank you so much Doug! The next steps will be to gather into goal groups with members who are invested in the ministry of each goal to review the summary and data in order to suggest a set of objectives to work toward completing the goals. This is truly exciting work!

Again, thank you all for your time and suggestions. They are greatly appreciated!

Rick Larkey

Senior Warden

Rick was born and raised in Sacramento, in his youth went to St. Matthews, came to St. Michael’s in 1980. He is happily married to Inez and together they have six children and eight grandchildren ranging in age from 3 months to 26 years. Rick is committed to helping people find meaning careers and gainful employment especially in trade and technical occupations (dirty jobs). He has a AA from American River College, a BA from Sac State, and a MPA from the JFKSG Harvard.

Tammy Murray

Junior Warden

I view serving on vestry as an opportunity to give back to St. Michael's. I have previously served as a member on vestry and was also Senior Warden. My involvement in the life of the parish also includes Altar Guild, EfM and fundraising. I have facilitated and participated in team building activities and strategic planning over the years for St. Michael's. It would be an honor to serve St. Michael's vibrant congregation once again in this way.

Chris Chamness


I am blessed to be a lifelong Episcopalian and love what St. Michael's offers in religious services, educational ministries and community outreach. I am a retired military logistics officer with an MBA degree. As a practicing attorney at law, I advised small businesses and start-ups as well as starting my own small business in 1988. I served as a Vestry member from 2019 to 2021 as well as Stewardship Committee Chair and found the duties to be very fulfilling.

Sue Davis

Vestry Member

I am a long time, active member of St. Michael’s serving in our outreach ministries and in regular Worship services. St. Michael’s is a community that has enriched my life for many years. I would like to give back by serving on Vestry. My career was in education, and I have served as a facilitator for meetings and groups.

Doug Davy

Vestry Member

I am a long-time member of St. Michael’s and an active participant of several of our ministries. My wife, Mary, and I raised our two children here and St. Michael’s continues to be a vital institution in both our lives. I believe that serving others in church ministry is essential for personal and spiritual growth. Previous ministries have included ushering, stewardship, finance, and chairing the campus space renovation. I have also benefited from helping provide community dinners at St. Matthew’s Center and to feed unhoused people in the Winter Shelter program. This will be my third term on the Vestry. St. Michael’s has been an important part of the Carmichael and wider Sacramento communities for many years and will be for many more.

Greg Dewey

Vestry Member

Cindy and I are new to Sacramento and are delighted to make St. Michael’s our church home. We were very active at our previous churches in Denver and LA and want to become more involved at St. Michael’s. The service, community and outreach mission of the church resonate with me. I recently retired from an academic career as both faculty and administration. I have extensive experience in strategic planning, program development, grant writing, fundraising, financial management and communications. I have been particularly involved in community engagement and have experience working collaboratively with non-profits.

Mary Ellen Ferguson

Vestry Member

St. Michael’s has been my church home for over 40 years. I believe I can bring some positive energy to the vestry as they undertake this next phase of building with the newly developed goals, objectives, and strategic plan. I have a professional background in administration and accounting and have worked in several church offices and our Diocesan office. I have also served as a delegate to several conventions including the ones that elected bishops. I believe my professional and service background will all greatly aid in my work on vestry. I look forward to serving this congregation and God in this way.

Mary Kessler

Vestry Member

I have a long relationship with St. Michael’s as our now-grown sons attended St. Michael’s Episcopal Day School. My husband, Michael, and I have participated in several St Michael’s ministries including Rise Against Hunger, Trunk or Treat, Halloween gift bags during the pandemic, Gifts from the Heart, Coffee Hour, and serving meals at St. Matthew’s Center and the Winter Shelter program, as well as volunteering in various school activities. I am a Project Management Professional working on a large project at CalSTRS. I enjoy gardening, cycling, travel and music.

Jane Samuelson

Vestry Member

The St. Michael’s community has been a part of my life for the last 10 years since 2012. I am an active participant of many of our worship, program and outreach ministries. I would like to help St. Michael’s continue to grow in service and would be honored to serve our community in this way.

Suzanne Phinney

Vestry Member

As a long time and committed member of St. Michael’s, I have served on the Vestry twice before. Each time I served as the Senior Warden. During my career I served on multiple Boards and Commissions. I was a facilitator / moderator for the League of Women Voters and I have been on the Diocesan Board of Trustees and Diocesan Property Committee. I have a strong love for and understanding of our church and my prior experience will aid in my service of our congregation.

Renee Pierce

Vestry Member

I am a committed, active member in the St. Michael's community. I served as a leader in various capacities, including as Senior Warden at the height of the Pandemic and shutdowns. I demonstrated an ability to lead with a love of service and Evangelism in my time on Vestry, as well as on the Bishop Transition, Stewardship and Fundraising Committee's.

2023 Diocesan Delegates to Convention

The 113th Annual Convention of the Diocese of Northern California was November 3rd and 4th.  We are grateful to our delegates:  Holly Yue, Kate Muris, Sr. Tina Francesca Ferriot, Dianne Robbins, Lee Ranes, and Renee Pierce.