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Assumptions we agreed upon:

  1. People who have not been fully vaccinated are required to wear masks.
  2. People are empowered to make their own choices on how they want participate.
  3. We will continue to try to protect the most vulnerable.
  4. We will remain flexible and if the numbers change in any direction, we will address the situation accordingly.

We agreed that:

  • It is time for “voluntary mask wearing” for those who have been fully vaccinated.
  • We will keep an area in the sanctuary marked off as a “protected area” for those who want or need to mask and social distance.
  • If you are fully vaccinated and want to keep wearing masks but are not concerned with social distancing, sit where you would like. Please refrain from sitting in the area marked as a protected area unless you are masked and are willing to social distance.
  • If this is where you normally sit, we ask for a bit more patience.
  • Please look for seating directions by our increased signage. The Greeters and Ushers will have a seating schematic shown below to show where the protected area will be.
  • The choir is singing without masks and is processing and recessing.
  • Coffee Hour has resumed.  If you are interested in helping out, contact the office.
  • All groups meeting can now meet on campus – in our classrooms, in the courtyard, etc. Even though you can meet in person, this does not mean that you must. This is up to the will of the group gathering. Some groups may choose to require masking. We ask that you inform the office and make sure that this is communicated beforehand to those attending.

Task Force for Re-Gathering in the Sanctuary

Rev. Mary and a task force made up of members of the church are meeting to prepare a plan to re-gather in the Sanctuary for Worship.  There are more unknowns than knowns at this time, but this is what I can tell you.
  1. We will observe public health initiatives as they are made known.
  2. We will strive to protect those who are the most vulnerable.
  3. We will work to slow the progression of illness through prevention and mitigation.
  4. We will follow the guidelines of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California.
  5. We expect that when we re-gather in the Sanctuary, we will continue on-line services.

Thank you to the members of this group:

  • Bill and Carolyn Wilson
  • Jay Bowdler and Ed Linn
  • Janice Bowdler
  • Gail McMichael, Susan Johnson, Michael Walker, and Kate Muris
  • Michelle Falcy, Andy Chamness, John Cozza and Rev. Mary
  • Renee Pierce, John Quene
  • Tammy Murray

Facility Use

We ask that if you are scheduled to use or regularly use our facilities, you are patient with changes that may or may not be implemented based on the virus activity in our community.

COVID-19 Coping

We connected with each other through stories of coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Here are some stories shared by our parishioners. Click on their name and it will take to the Blog Post for each one. Thank you for sharing your stories. If you have one to share, please send it to Rev. Mary and it will be included.

Deacon Cindy Long’s Story
Madeline Hudak’s Story
Laura Walker’s Story
Pamela Busby’s Story
Jennifer Franz’s Story
Carolyn Konrad’s Story
Paula Frink’s Story
Chris Chamness’ Story
Peter Hewitt’s Story
John Cozza’s Story
Kate Muris’ Story
Eileen Thomas’ Story
Janice Bowdler’s Story

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