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Thank you to the Church Renovation Committee and Capital Campaign Committee. We are moved back into the classrooms and the Sanctuary and are enjoying the beauty and enhancements of the newly renovated spaces. It was a great success in all ways!

APRIL 11, 2018

The Renovation is substantially completed in all three areas and I hope you’ve had the chance to experience our wonderful, renewed sanctuary space. We expect full occupancy of the meeting rooms and courtyard bathrooms this week.

For the Church Building, all work is complete except for minor touch-up and cleanup. We held services in the new space for Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday! Response the renovated space, with its vastly improved lighting, acoustics, and sound system has been overwhelmingly very positive!

For the Classroom-Meeting Room area (MP Room), work is also complete and we are awaiting final occupancy permission:

For the Courtyard Bathrooms, work is also complete. During the week of April 2-6 the final concrete replacement work to resolve ADA compliance issues with the entrances to the bathrooms will be done (while St. Michael’s School is in recess).


It is amazing that we are currently at $386,379 in pledges!! The generosity of this community is awesome. Thank you all who have pledged, given, or committed financially to this project. It is greatly appreciated. If you haven’t pledged and still want to be part of this fabulous project, please consider pledging or giving. The more we raise for the project, the more reserves we are able to keep and earn interest on. We are so blessed to have such an amazingly generous congregation; past, present, and future! Thank you.


Jim Sargent, Chair
Suzanne Phinney, Tammy Murray, Molly Hoever- Members
Doug Davy, Advisory

The Campus Space Renovation Committee has ordered 34 upholstered chairs to be placed in the front row on three sides of the altar. The chairs are in place in the sanctuary. Please try them!

Questions and Answers

The following are answers to questions from parishioners and members of the Day School community about the renovation:

Q. Why wasn’t the project planned to be completed during the three months of summer vacation?

A. The renovation was planned to be completed during summer vacation, 2017. Our original start date was June 15, 2017, right after the close of school. The Architect and Contractor both thought our schedule was reasonable, including permitting. We moved the pews into Johnstone Hall to be ready for the construction commencement. Unfortunately, permitting took much, much longer than anyone expected. We did not move back into the sanctuary building during the delay because the Day School requested that we remove the asbestos before the students returned for the start of the new school year. After the asbestos abatement, we could not move back into the church building pending permitting completion because the abatement removed ceiling, flooring, and wall finishes.


Renovation Conceptual Design for the Sanctuary and Columbarium

Renovation site plans for the Classrooms

Thank you again to all in the parish who have helped us to grow, plan, and fund the Campus Space Renovation program. It will dramatically transform St. Michael’s church buildings with important upgrades. Please join me in strongly supporting this program to invest in ourselves, improve our educational facilities, and transform St. Michaels’ worship space in a dramatic and effective way.

Doug Davy
Chair, Campus Space Renovation Committee


Chair: Doug Davy, Members: Bryan Barry, Jim Cole, Dave Decker, Polly Dodds, Tina Ferriot, Allison Flower, Dick Pryor, Suzanne Phinney, Michael Walker

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