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Paula Frink COVID-19 Coping

By June 29, 2020June 2nd, 2022No Comments

Wisdom in the midst of a Pandemic

I’ve learned that being told that I MUST stay at home is very different than just having a personality who likes and doesn’t mindbeing at home.  I’ve learned that in this pandemic that I am a person who feels the weight of the world.  I think being enclosed adds to that.  I’ve learned that I could easily be obsessed with hand washing in my own home.  I’ve learned that my love of television is now essential.  Who would have thought?  I’ve learned that sending out the Saying of the Day and other items to the choir, my nephews and other friends, has probably done more for me than them.  I’ve learned that my voice lessons via Skype have been a boon to my mental health.  I’ve learned that walking outside is exhilarating.  I’ve learned that filling every moment with “doing” is not necessary for happiness.  I’ve learned that keeping in touch via “the tech stuff” is required, but doesn’t fill the need to see and talk to people in person.  I find myself telling everyone through my mask to “Be Safe.”

But the most important thing that I’ve learned is how good most people really are… from the medical professionals and EMT’s, to the scientists, to law enforcement, to the grocery clerks, to the public transit drivers, to the takeout staff, to the hospital janitors, to those aiding the homeless or the poor or the elderly or the incarcerated, to the postal workers and ALL essential workers here and throughout the world that have done and continue to do their jobs at great personal risk.  They do this for me.  I can never thank them enough.

Paula Frink

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