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Carolyn Konrad COVID-19 Coping

By June 29, 2020June 2nd, 2022No Comments

Miracles Do Happen

What surprises me most about my own part in this pandemic is my reaction to the order to “Shelter in Place.” As an introvert, this sounded to me more like a reward than a challenge. Stay home, read a good book, do some writing, keep my own company. Sounded like a bit of heaven to me . . . my favorite kind of day.

The reality set in after weeks of solitude. Introverts need the company of family and friends and society as much as our highly social neighbors. When some of my friends let me know by e-mail they are cleaning every closet, re-organizing their lives, I realize I am becoming languid, without motivation or energy. I am deeply thankful, however, for my computer, the internet, e-mail, Zoom (who knew?), connection with my church and its wonderful people, morning meditations sent to me via this mental health-saving technology — even church on Sunday! Who would imagine I would ever give thanks for this sometimes maddening, frustrating, irritating iMac of mine. I’m having an iMac Miracle Moment.

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