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Happy Thanksgiving!

Sometimes my heart is so full that I really don’t know how to fully express the gratitude that is filling it up. It is a combination of gratitude and love and it seems to overflow in me. It happens when I am able to receive the gift that is right in front of me. I experienced this gratitude on the days my children were born, on my two ordination days and when other major events happened in my life. Gratitude and love overwhelm me when I mess up and I am forgiven.

Yet it is when my gratitude is for the small stuff that literally brings me to tears. Sometimes it is a kind smile when I am overwhelmed or someone opening a door when I have my hands full. This feeling comes when it is a stranger who notices me. And when I think about it, I think the love part of these situations is deep down inside me, a love for humanity wells up and I feel like a worthy part of God’s creation. And in that strangers expression of kindness, I receive love and my response is a gratitude to be part of humanity, God’s loving presence in every human being.

I am often overwhelmed with gratitude and love for this congregation and especially for the people who make up our congregation. I hope you all have a lovely thanksgiving.

Blessings, Rev. Mary

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