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Temptations …

Temptation shows up in our lives in a myriad of ways. The one thing I know about temptation is that it is part of the human condition and we all struggle with it.  Biblically we know it best through the three temptations of Christ:  Greed, power, and self-glorification.  In my own struggle with temptation, my perceived need and overwhelming desire to control more than I can and should makes me most susceptible to temptation. 

When I am honest, I can acknowledge that God is ultimately in control. Who would have thought by letting go of my efforts to control others, I am able to focus on my behavior and affect those around me in a positive way.  I try to change others because it seems easier than changing myself.  This inevitably leads me to resent those who are unwilling to change according to how I think they should be. 

I know that Jesus’ loving power can transform anything.  I believe in healing grace.  Yet, I can only access grace by letting go of the temptation to control things around me and letting God be God. God’s power guides me to see differently with compassion and love. When I give my struggles to Jesus through prayer, I receive grace and love to help me through them, no matter how impossible they may seem.

So here is my prayer:

Jesus, rescue me out of the hands of my own temptation.  Take away my need to control others.  Instead, show me the way to serve You in my place and time.  What is Your will for me this day?  Lead me to that place and be with me in it.  For I am weak and my temptations are great.  But You, O God, are mightier than all and Your mercy is great.  Amen.




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