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St. Michael’s smallest helper Bleu, the mini blue heeler

By September 28, 2021June 3rd, 2022No Comments

Many of you have probably already met our youngest and smallest helper around the office but don’t let her petite structure fool you! She is full of personality and will defend “her territory” aka my cubicle with the fiercest of vigor and barks (at least she thinks so) until of course she realizes that you are friend rather than foe and then you will be greeted by an excited bark, tail wag and of course the obligatory request for belly rubs.

I had been wanting a puppy for quite some time, and much to my surprise after sharing an ad about mini blue heeler puppies with Kenny last December, he actually suggested we call about them. 24 hours later we were bringing this tiny little girl home and named her, Bleu, I know, very original, but we did have a chocolate lab named Redd so it seemed to fit. As luck would have it, Rev. Mary agreed to let Bleu come to work with me given she needed consistent care and attention at the time, and she quickly solidified her position as St. Michael’s office dog! When I do NOT have her with me, everyone immediately asks “Where’s Bleu?!?” Even those she has yet to realize are friends and insists on announcing…continuously…until she gets placed in timeout and looks to them for salvation.

However, most every day she is here, walking the office with me while I open and close up and take care of the daily operations, along with the occasional walk up the street for my midday exercise or a game of toss for a short break :-). She can often be found in her bed under my desk chewing on her stick and waiting for the next office visitor to announce.

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