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Accepted Amended Bylaws of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church of Carmichael

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Greetings to all,

Thank you for your support in voting to approve these bylaws.  It will help the vestry do the business of the church better and more efficiently.

It has been quite some time since our bylaws were updated (2004) and we, the vestry, determined that it is good practice to update our current bylaws to accommodate the changing environment we find ourselves in today. Our bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of a quorum at any parish meeting or at any special parish meeting duly noticed and called for such purpose. The Vestry voted unanimously yesterday to call for a vote at our January 28, 2024 Annual Meeting to amend our current bylaws with the attached proposed bylaws. Given this notice, we invite you to read the proposed bylaws and be prepared to vote if you are a member of St. Michael’s. If you have any questions, please feel free to email the office and Michelle will forward your email to a member of the vestry.


The Vestry of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church of Carmichael

November 28, 2023 and edits January 31, 2024

Questions and Answers

Why are we changing the St. Michael’s Bylaws?

We are changing the Bylaws to make them consistent with The Episcopal Church (TEC) and Diocesan Canon Law, which has changed in important ways since our Bylaws were last ratified. We are working with the Diocesan Chancellor, using a Diocesan template. Differences between the existing and new Bylaws are most important in five areas:

  • The new Bylaws require the Bishop’s written permission to encumber or alienate property. This protects the Parish from attempts to remove property ownership to a non-TEC splinter group.
  • The new Bylaws validate electronic forms of communication, including email and web site notifications and conference calls, video calls, and hybrid in-person/video meetings.
  • The new Bylaws require bonding of the Treasurer. We have not done this in the past, but it is considered good practice.
  • The new Bylaws allow for scheduling the Annual Parish Meeting between the first day of January and last of February. The existing Bylaws require the meeting to be held on the fourth Sunday in January.
  • The new Bylaws give the Vestry the authority to amend, change, or add to the Bylaws by a majority vote as long as these changes are consistent with the constitutions and canons of TEC.

Is St. Michael’s changing any Bylaws other than those required by the new TEC and Diocesan template?

Yes. For greater flexibility, we are changing the following:

  • The Vestry can have 10 to 12 members. Existing Bylaws require 12 members.
  •  We can elect Vestry members and Convention Delegates by acclamation when nominations equal open slots. This has been our practice, but is not explicitly stated in the existing Bylaws.

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