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Angel Story: A Higher Angel? by Paula Frink

By June 3, 2021June 3rd, 2022No Comments
At first, I didn’t know if I had an angel story. I never had some profound divine intervention. But then I started thinking… Back in 2007, I was looking for something. I didn’t know what I was looking for. I had become acquainted with St. Michael’s through voice lessons, being an added soprano for an anthem from the Messiah and a summer musical review. People were nice and all, but did I want to go to a church again? I believed in God and doing all the fair, good, responsible and humane things that people should be doing, but was I willing to give organized religion another chance? After the summer of the musical review and while taking voice lessons, I waited. I was not sure. Then for some reason I changed my mind… was that the higher angel? Was it because the rector at the time introduced herself to me after the Sunday Messiah anthem? Was it because I never felt pressured by my voice teacher or anyone that I had met at St. Michael’s? I thought why not give it a chance. So I began coming to the choir and church… admittedly to sing to start. I do have to say that a sermon by one the priests kinda sealed the deal for me. It was leaning in my direction. And I’ve been here ever since. Love you all.


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