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Invite*Welcome*Connect and Black Lives Matter by Mary Mussell

In reflection of Rev. Mary’s sermon for June 28th, Invite*Welcome*Connect and Black Lives Matter have many similarities in how we listen and communicate.

When we listen, we need to do so respectfully, really seeking to hear and understand what the guest has to say without putting it in a framework of comfort for ourselves.

We will always learn something new from our guests. Our exchanges are reciprocal. If we are the giver, we are given the opportunity to share, but at the same time, we receive the gift of being able to share. We need to learn to be gracious receivers of the gifts the guest has to offer. The gifts they give to us are:

  • The ability to grow and become more compassionate
  • To see situations from a different perspective
  • To learn to problem solve in ways we had not considered


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