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Ash Wednesday Reflection

By March 3, 2022June 3rd, 2022No Comments

“The mind that comes to rest is tended

In ways that it cannot intend:

Is borne, preserved, and comprehended

By what it cannot comprehend.

[We must die] into … rest, or out of it.”  (This Day:  Collected & New Sabbath Poems  by Wendell Berry


We must die into rest, God

or we will die out of it.

with one there is resurrection, new life

with the other – there is only death-end.

Thy will be done.

This lent, search for the bigness of God.

the presence of God, in the little and the big

in the holy and in the ordinary

in those you admire and

those you hate

In your confidence, in your fear.

Search for a love that will sustain you

in temptation

in the wilderness

in your loneliness

Learn to be alone in the presence of God who

never leaves you.

Learn to stand 




let your white knuckle grip on life go

release to God

to hope

to the possibility of resurrection.

Put fear aside for a breath to take a breath

for a moment to close your eyes

in order to open them to knew perspective

for a day to refresh

for a season

to let in light

to drink greedily the

living water

for a lifetime

for someone you might save  from endless anxiety and their own fear

TAKE ON CHRIST the Christ that was recognized when a baby and inspired homage

when you are vulnerable

TAKE ON CHRIST the Christ that taught and loved and healed

when you are at your best

TAKE ON CHRIST the Christ that humans tried to break – heart, mind, spirit, and body

in trial and temptation

TAKE ON CHRIST the Christ who is self-giving, forgiving

loving to those who hated him, persecuted him, and defiled him

when you feel betrayed and alone

TAKE ON CHRIST the Christ who rose on the third day – in Glory and dominion over all

when you are dead and no where else to go

let go so you may receive

let God so it will be

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