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What are we called to do as a Christian Community?

In reading the list Paul’s writes to Christians of his time, I wondered what it would translate to me during this time.  Here is my go at it!  Romans 12:9-13

  • Love and honor goodness in people around you.  In other words:  When you are getting resentful because someone is doing something to you.  Think again!  They may even be trying to love you and you just plain cannot accept it because you don’t feel worthy.  Well …
  • Be passionate and zealous for God – believe in hope; God’s offer of something you cannot even imagine.  God is so great that love has always been given and forgiveness of all sin is the gift given  through Jesus Christ.  These two gifts make you worthy of anything.  I know, hard to believe – but for all or sakes, take a leap of faith and believe!  Believe and recognize the Spirit.  Stay awake to see the good things in life.  Why is it we can that are cynical can see hate so clearly but have a hard time seeing love.  Stop being such a cynic!  Some of the best things in life are not material in nature.  Instead they are immeasurable – like Love!
  • Accept that life will be difficult sometimes and uncomfortable – be ok with this kind of suffering – everyday life suffering – and use prayer to help you get through it.  It is remarkable how much suffering is alleviated when we don’t feel alone.
  • Recognize suffering (body and spirit) in others and help them.  By helping them, it will help you – especially your spiritual suffering.
  • Always welcome those who come into your lives.  This does not mean let others take advantage of you.  It simply means let your place be a place of welcome for everyone – make space for the stranger, the stranger may be the very angel sent to you as the messenger of God.

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