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Theatre for All

Formerly St. Michael’s Actor’s Guild (SMAG), here is a little history of our wonderful and talented group of actors and theatre technicians known as the Mission Avenue Players!

SMAG began as an idea. Two theatre professionals, Susan Schindler, actress and director, and Sarah Christiansen, actress, wanted to offer a loving and supportive theatre experience for actors in the Sacramento area.

Our first performance, held in the Chancel of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church on January 6, 1978, was a Chancel Drama: Christmas Spirits – a Masque. 35 years later Mission Avenue Players produced The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson, once again in the Chancel of St. Michaels. Both the first and the most recent included children – the future of theatre.

In the past 37 years we have presented 55 productions in our theatre: Chancel Dramas, Readers Theatre, Comedies, a Drama or two, and five marvelous Musical Reviews. We believe we are the second oldest Theatre Company in the area. Chautauqua Playhouse is the oldest by a few months. Several of our members are still with us from that first production (of course they were very young at the time!)

Over the years we have had wonderful talent from the Sacramento area in both performance and production. To date Mission Avenue Players has received two Elly awards (Lighting and Best Supporting Actress) and four Nominations in various categories. We hope you will enjoy auditioning for us, working with us on stage or behind the scenes, attending a performance and becoming a part of our “merry band of players.”

January 6, 1978

Chancel Drama: Christmas Spirits — A Masque

directed by susan schindler

Performed by Allen Treat, Sarah Christiansen, Kathie Jones, Kate Muris, Marshall Hodges, Wayne Parsell, Tina Brunello, Pat Gregory Scott Gross, Jill Gross, Kirsten Jones, Amy Whitmer, Roger Gross, Dan Whitmer

May 1978

God's Favorite

directed by susan schindler

Performed by Dan Whitmer, John Lee, Pam Tindall, Betty Habel, Bill Brown, Jill Barrata, Bob Maxwell, Sarah Christianssen

December 1978

Blithe Spirit

directed by susan schindler

Performed by Ginger Hamon, Mimi Quiet, Sam Magill, Dan Whitmer, Diane Hegland, Sarah Christiansen, Susie Blamey

June 1979

High Ground

directed by susan schindler

Performed by Natalie Mitchell, Trudy Whitmer, Susan Schindler, Sam Magill, Kathie Homewood, Kate Muris, Bill Taylor, Betty Daigh, Bob Jones, Sarah Christiansen, Katie Mietus, Mimi Quiet

April 1980

A Bad Year for Tomatoes

directed by susan schindler

Performed by Sarah Christiansen, Paul Edens, Diane Hegland, Cheryl Bence, Bob Jones, Betty Daigh, Ann Bradley

April 1981

Come Blow Your Horn

directed by susan schindler

Performed by Bob Jones, Cheryl Scoville, Scott Matthews, Jerry Healey, Judi Healey, Betty Daigh, Ann Bradley

April 1982

You Can't Take it With You

directed by arnold brumley

Performed by Bill Bradley, Cheryl Allagree, Andrea Howard, Scott Matthews, Bill Lidgard, Judy Tomlinson, Bill Brown, Bill Behnk, Tom Hennessey, Frances Proctor, Betty Daigh, Jim Talmadge, Harry Allagree, Trudy Whitmer, Rob Landon, Bob Grant, Mike Day, Arnold Brumley, Cheryl Scovillell

April 1983

Never Too Late

directed by jerry healy

Performed by Betty Daigh, Charles Vento, Trudy Whitmer, Bill Brown, Bob Jones, Ginger Hamon, Everett Jones, Tom Hennessey ,Wayne Parsell

November 1984

Reader's Theater

directed by susan schindler

Nina David Ryen, Bill Behnk, Susan Schindler, Troy Lange, Allen Treat, Warner Seargeant, Kate Muris, Bill Brown, Marilyn Jones Sue, Laura, Janet

January 1985

Chancel Drama: Six Who Were There

directed by susan schindler

Natalie Mitchell, Fr. Bob Affleck, Bill Lidgard, Jay Glad, Bob Jones, Kate Muris Carols: Liz Glad, Betty Daigh, Nina Ryen, Frances Proctor Solo: Kate Muris

April 1985

Prisoner of Second Avenue

directed by susan schindler

Scott Matthews, Kate Muris, Natalie Mitchell, Cheryl Scoville, Bob Jones, Betty Daigh

April 1986

Octette Bridge Club

directed by susan schindler

Barbara Granum, Fran Proctor, Natalie Mitchell, Marilyn Jones, Leslyn Rock, Judy Thompson, Kate Muris, Cheryl Scoville, Bob Jones

October 1986

Harvest Showcase

directed by susan schindler

Joan Hadley, Colleen Duke, Don Stitt, Charmaine Yu, Joey & Jeannine Fouts, Kate Muris, Amy Whitmer, Ellen & Linda Johnson, Jason Corbin, Kate Muris & Fred Yokley, Diane Craig, Cheryl Scoville

April 1987

A Tomb With a View

directed by cheryl scoville

Louis Grossman, Bob Jones, Nina Davis Ryen, Betty Daigh, Bill Brown, Susan Schindler Barbara Granum, Judy Thompson, Scott Matthews, Kate Muris

April 1988

Morning's at Seven

directed by susan schindler

Robert Good, Betty Daigh, Laura Simpkins, Kate Muris, Bill Brown, David Daigh, Cheryl Scovill,e Nina Davis, Ryen Fr., Deane Kennedy

April 1989

Visit to a Small Planet

directed by scott matthews

Greg Endicott, Robert Good, Bill Brown, Cheryl Scoville, David Daigh, Barbara Granum, Rich Axtell, Laura Simpkins, Everett Jones, Marilyn Jones, Bob Daigh

April 1990

The Good Doctor

directed by susan tracey, jean dahl

David Daigh, Bill Brown, Barbara Granum, Robert Good, Fran Dickie, Vickie Noack, Tara Bassell, Charles Vento, Betty Kinkennon, Philip Deemer, Natalie Mitchell, Troy Lange, Betty Daigh, Scott Matthews, Laura Simpkins, Susan Tracey

October 1990

Showbiz Showcase "The Family"

directed by susan tracey

Donald Stitt, Morgan Phillips, Maxwell Phillips, Betty Kinkennon, Allen Treat, Kate Muris, Robert Mum, Fred Yokley, Karie Jones, Laura Simpkins, St. Michaels Choir, Constance Weichert, Fr. Dennis Odekirk, Jason & James Corbin, Philip Deemer, Arthur Goldsmith, Nina Davis Ryen, Maureen Magill Charles Baad

April 1991


directed by susan tracey

David Daigh, Donald Stitt, Wendy Frampton-Holly Charles Baad, John Arndt, Kathleen Reilly, Angela Yee, Kate Muris, Pam Bell, Janeece Sargis, Stacy Lacey

November 1991

The Odd Couple

directed by susan tracey

Amy Weichert, Priscilla Green, Elaine Benoit, Marilyn Jones, Cheryl Scoville, Patrice Smoak, Darryl Delhart, Christopher Benoit

Unknown Date

Readers' Theatre

directed by cheryl scoville

Betty Daigh, Tom Hennessey, Kate Muris, Nina Davis Ryen, Allen Treat, Bob Jones, Katie Long, Robert Maxwell, Troy Lange, Billie Bush

May 1992

God's Favorite

directed by susan brown

David Daigh, Charles Baad, Katie Weichert, Kate Muris, Stuart Hill, Tina Stiles, Bill Brown, Philip Deemer

August 1992

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

directed by susan brown

David McMullin, David Daigh, David Menken, Stuart Hill, Amy Weichert, Erin Johnson  TEAM: Rachel Dahlberg, Laurel Glaze, Erin McPeek, Robin Phinney, Josette Salone

April 1993

A Wind Between The Houses

directed by susan brown

David Daigh, Barbara Granum, Jeffrey Grimes, Kosar Jaff, Erin McPeek, Kate Muris, Robin Phinney, Paul Phinney, Bill Brown, Cheryl Scoville, Tina Stiles, Candace Tischer, Laurel Glaze

August 1993

Winnie The Pooh

directed by susan brown

Phil McPeek, Justine Simpkins, Jeffrey Kinghorn, Laurel Glaze, Erin McPeek, John Catching, Erin Catching, Josette Salone, Robin Phinney, Kristopher Kachurak, Heather Stiles, Jesse Mendeola, Tiffany Scoville, Jacie Scoville

April 1994

Murder is a Game

directed by susan brown

David Daigh, Kate Muris, Jean Dahl, Cheryl Scoville, Bill Brown, Marilyn Jones, Randy Hayton, Erin Catching

November 1994

Only An Orphan Girl

directed by amy weichert

Charles Caruthers, John Catching, Philip Deemer, Laurel Glaze, Katie Weichert, Betty Daigh, Jane Bailey, Erin Bailey

May 1995

Musical Pursuit

directed by constance weichert

Ensemble: Wayne Alson, Pam Bell, Ted Bell, Carol Bugbee,, Larry Bugbee, Rick Burwell, Michelle Carlson, Jim Cole, Jean Dahl, Bob Daigh, David Daigh, Rod Davis, Tina Ferriot, Mary Lou Graham, Virginia Henry, Robin Henson, Jack McPhillips, Chris Metcalf, Kate Muris, Wayne Parsell, Miles Snyder, Donald Stitt, Mark Van Brussel, Amy Weichert, Katie Weichert, Anne Wiley, Wendell Wiley, Robert Wright, Stage Cast: Charles Caruthers, Betty Daigh, Nina David Ryen, Justine Simpkins, Laura Simpkins, Allen Treat

April 1996

You Can't Take It With You

directed by amy weichert

Rich Carlson, Andy Cartozian, Charles Caruthers, Jean Dahl, Thomas Decker, Scott Harden, Virginia Henry, Robin Henson, Walter Hollmann, Dee Rouse Huth, Kate Muris, Hunter O’Hair, Robin Phinney, Dick Pryor, David Tribble, Beth Van Brussell Fr., Richard Visconti, Katie Weichert, Richard Williams

April 1997

The Man Who Came To Dinner

directed by richard williams

Jo Ann Smith, Tina Stiles, Daniel Ward, Beth Van Brussel, Stephanie Maud, Josette Salone, Susan Ann Mann, Betty Daigh, Richard Williams, Katie Weichert, Walt Livingston, Jon Everett, Templin Jean, Dahl Hunter, O’Hair Fr., Richard Visconti, Jim Weichert, Rich Carlson, Don Manzer, Michelle Carlson, Kate Muris, Ian Faulkner, Robin Henson, Tom Faulkner, J.P. Faulkner, Allen Treat

July 1997

Brush Up Your Shakespeare

directed by constance weichert

Wayne Alson, Doreen Alson, Pam Bell, Carol Bugbee, Larry Bugbee, Michelle Carlson, Jean Dahl, Betty Daigh, Bob Daigh, Edie Decker, Tom Decker, Mary Francis Endicott, Tina Ferriot Mary Lou Graham, Virginia Henry, Robin Henson, Edward Johnson, Bob Lucas, Patrick Milloway, Natalie Marron, Kate Muris, Wayne Parsell, Clare Payne, Debbie Derschbacher, Andrea Restivo, Katie Weichert, Anne Wiley, Wendell Wiley, Richard Williams, Amy Weichert

Piano – Steven Janzen, Synthesizer – Chris Lee, Percussion – Jeff Bolster, Alan Treat as Shakespeare

February 1998

Arsenic And Old Lace

directed by robin henson

Jean Dahl, Dennis Engblom, Robin Henson, Stuart Hill, Ellen Huls, Richard Armstrong,John Montagna, Hunter O’Hair, Dick Pryor, Shirley Fox, Victor Stiles, Christi Shillato, Dana Strickland, Fr. Richard Visconti, Robert Wright

May 1999


directed by stuart hill

Shara Linn Kelsey, Susan Madden, Paul Hauck, Betty Daigh, Nancy Schwegel, Wayne Vandermehden, Dennis Engblom, Hunter O’Hair, Amy Weichert ,John Huls, Fr. Richard Visconti

January 2000

Readers' Theatre

directed by constance weichert

Barbara Askew ,Fr. Jim Straukamp, Jean Dahl, Jane Vonasek, Roberta Fisher, Jim Weichert, Kate Muris, Virginia Henry, David Daigh, Fr. Richard Visconti, Marilyn Jones, Betty Daigh, Gerre Berg, Hunter O’Hair, Jim Cole, Amy Weichert, Paul Hauck, Art Maxwell, Rod Davis

July 2000

As Time Goes By

directed by constance weichert

Barbara Askew, Charles Baad, Pam Bell, Larry Bugbee, Katie Caruthers, Emily Cole, Jim Cole, Jean Dahl, Betty Daigh, Bob Daigh, David Daigh, Tina Ferriot, Mary Lou Graham, Hugh Griffin, Paul Hauck, Robin Henson, Mary Kasch, Bob Lucas, Jack Mc Phillips, Kate Muris, Wayne Parsell, Clare Payne, Sharon Snyder, Tina Stiles, Donald Stitt, Pamela Tomlin, Amy Weichert, Jim Weichert, Anne Wiley, Edie Decker (Honorary cast member), Art Maxwel

May 2001

The Mousetrap

directed by stuart hill

Nancy Schwegel, Goeff Miller, Dennis Engblom, Jean Dahl, Mark Coldiron, Chandra Ashton, John Montagna, Paul Hauck, Fr. Richard Visconti

May 2002

Exit The Body

directed by stuart hill

Mary Elmiger, Connie Cat, David Daigh, Jean Dahl, Helen Treulufian, Nancy Schwegel, Dick Williams, John Montagna, Wayne Kunert, Fr. Richard Visconti

April-May 2003

Seven Keys To Baldpate

directed by richard williams

Dick Pryor, Jean Dahl, Wayne Kunert, Gerald Ooley, Sandra McCord, Helen Treulufian, David Daigh, Sue Gaston, Richard Pippig, Jon Everett Templin, Mark Wiederanders, Len Honeycutt, John Treulufian, Rich Carlson, Richard Williams

May-June 2003

Anything Goes

directed by connie weichert

Cathy Boswell, Dean Boswell, Katie Weichert, Caruthers Alicia, Santos-Coy Diane, Craig Jean Dahl, David Daigh, Mike Daugherty, Paula Dunning, Mary Frances Endicott, Tina Ferriot Mary, Lou Graham, Hugh Griffin, Kay Griffin, Virginia Henry, Harry Hills, Michael Johnson, Clair Karoly, Bill Loeffler, Bob Lucas, Natalie Marron, Jack McPhillips, Kate Muris, Hunter O’Hair, Wayne Parsell, Clare Payne, Paul Phinney, Richard J. Pippig, Miles Snyder, Fr. Jim Straukamp Donald Stitt, Darby Vickery, Jim Weichert, Amy Weichert, Esta Wiederanders, Mark Wiederanders, Anne Wiley, Julie Lynn Wolff

April 2004

The Curious Savage

directed by richard williams

Claire Karoly, Richard Pippig, Sandra McCord, Helen Treulufian, Sue Gaston, Dennis Engblom, Paula Campanella, Paul Hauck, Mark Wiederanders, Roberta Duncan, Patrick Stevens, Joey Thomas, Michael Wright

October 2004

The Trials Of Clarence Darrow

directed by richard williams

Written and Performed by Paul Hauck Three Performances

April 29 – May 14 2005

The Butler Did It Again

directed by richard williams

Paul Hauck, Sue Gaston, Claire Karoly, Sandra McCord, Helen Treulufian, Jillian Zeidner, David Alan Morrison, Todd Ingram, London Long, Dennis Engblom, Richard J Pippig, Mark Wiederanders, Paula Campanella, Charlie the Alligator

April 21 – May 6 2006

Murder On Reserve

directed by richard williams

Fr. Jim Straucamp, Jeff Webster, Jillian Zeidner, Sue Gaston, Paula Campanella, Mark Wiederanders, Paul Hauck, Sandra McCord, David Richardson, Jean Dahl

June 4, 2006

Readers Theatre: America Laughs

directed by paul hauck

Paul Hauck, Sue Gaston, Hunter O’Hair, Eileen Thomas, Art Maxwell, Suzanne Phinney, Barbara Askew, Jane Vonasek, Katie Weichert, Dave Decker, Jillian Zeidner, Mark Wiederanders, Ray Holland, Edie Decker, Mary Hauck, Amy Weichert, Mikey Johnson, Shelby Larkey, Joey Thomas, Jessica Busby, Johnny Thomas, Alexandria Worley, Donald Stitt, Jean Dahl, Jim Weichert, Darcie Larkey, Marilyn Jones, Jack & Sharon Stellman, David Daigh

May 2007

Murder In The Magnolias

directed by richard williams

John Montagna, Sue Gaston, Jean Dahl, Gale DeVille, John Tennyson, Paul Hauck, David Richardson, Jillian Zeidner, Jeff Webster, Helen Treulufian, Mark Wiederanders, London Long

May 2008

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

directed by richard williams

Jeff Webster, Arlon Carlson, Jean Dahl, Mark Wiederanders, Sandra McCord, David Richardson, Melissa Elhardt, Shara Lynn, Kelsey Carol, Asher John Tennyson, Sue Gaston, Gale DeVille

Fall 2008

Repertory Romp

directed by richard williams

David Richardson, Melissa Elhardt, Sue Gaston, Paul Hauck, John Tennyson, Amy Weichert, Kati Braak, Philip Pittman, Shelby Larkey, Michael Johnson

Spring 2009

Return of Repertory Romp

directed by richard williams

Casey Elliott, Sandra McCord, Paula Frink, Melissa Elhardt, Sue Gaston, Kati Braak, Mark Wiederanders, David Richardson, Arlon Carlson, Paul Hauck, Casey Elliott, Michael Johnson, Shelby Larkey

Winter 2009

The Timekeeper

directed by richard williams

Jeff Webster, Sandra McCord, Joseph Giubino, Paul Hauck

May 2010

Trick Or Treat

directed by richard williams

Paul Hauck, Arlon Carlson, Shelby Larkey, Mark Wiederanders, Sandra McCord, David Richardson, Michael Johnson, Esta Wiederanders, Dale Reinhard, John Tennyson, Sue Gaston, Alex Worlie

May 2011


directed by richard williams

Robyn Colburn, Paula Frink, Esta Wiederanders, Dale Reinhard, Paul Hauck, Mark Wiederanders, Arlon Carlson, Kate Muris

May 2012

45 Seconds From Broadway

directed by richard williams

Omba Kipuke, Mark Wiederanders, Paul Hauck, Michael Walker, Emily Kentta, Kate Muris, Dale Reinhard, Paula Frink, Jeff Webster, Shirley Sayers, Gloria Jones, Greg Collet

May 2013

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

directed by richard williams

Sara Colby, Kate Muris, Dale Reinhard, Jonathan Blum, Shirley Sayers, Mary Robinson, Lauren Terzian, Jennifer York, Micah Smith, Dave Decker, Michael Walker, Jeff Webster

May 2014

Mystery At Greenfingers

directed by richard williams

Michael Walker, Lauren Terzian, Steven Handa, Deon Taylor, Rebecca Jines, Vanessa Voetsch, Crystal Evans, Stewart Ludwig, Blake Flores, Sandra McCord

December 2014

Reader's Festival

directed by richard williams

Lauren Terzian, Clay Kirkwood, Karrin Letcher, Jim Dodds, Leo McElroy, Bob Reinhard, Polly Dodds, Betsy Reifsnider, Jennifer York, Robert Schlichting, Lily Waldon, Dave Decker, Gloria Jones, Kate Muris, Michael Walker, Mikaela Mackey, Dale Reinhard, Paula Frink, Ramiro Barrera, Rev. Mary Hudak

May 2019

Moonlight & Magnolias

directed by unknown

Synopsis:  Hollywood, 1939: semi-independent mogul David O. Selznick has just shut down production on the most eagerly anticipated movie in history – his megabudget version of Margaret Mitchell’s bestselling novel Gone With The Wind – scrapping the original script and sacking the director in the progress. Determined to produce a rewrite in five days, he engages the reluctant services of ace script doctor Ben Hecht – possibly the only person in America who has not read the novel – and the movie’s new director Victor Fleming, poached straight from the set of The Wizard of Oz, where he had been squabbling with the Munchkins and coming to blows with Judy Garland. His reputation on the line, and with nothing but a stockpile of peanuts and bananas to sustain them, Selznick locks himself in his office with his two collaborators, and a marathon creative session begins.

December 2015

Reader's Festival - Christmas Story Theatre

directed by michael walker

Michael Walker, Paula Frink, John Tennyson, Dave Decker, Dale Reinhard, Mikaela Mackey, Leo McElroy, Hunter O’Hair, Polly Dodds, Jim Dodds, Savannah Olivier, Kate Muris