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An Angel in the Park by Rev. Mary

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I grew up in a neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan. It was a place where I knew my neighbors and all the children played together. When I was five years old, I was squabbling with my best friend and next-door neighbor, Bobby Doetsch. We were in the sandbox at the park which was a half of block from our houses. Out of frustration and anger, I threw sand at Bobby. Tommy DeGrandchamp, three years older than us, scolded me and I ran. As I was running, I lost my footing and fell on a piece of glass cutting the palm of my hand. Out of nowhere, a woman scooped me up and carried me home. My mom took me to the hospital, and I still have the stitch marks in the palm of my hand.

Five years later, again I am playing in the park, this time with my older sister Beverly. Our street ended at the park, so there was a street sign that had arrows going each way. The sign fell off and the post was bent close to the ground. My sisters and others standing on the outer edge of the signpost, were bouncing on the post. As well as an impetuous child, I suppose I was also an impatient one. I was jumping up and down shouting, “It’s my turn, it’s my turn.” My sister got off and the post sprung up and caught the corner of my eye. Blood was everywhere. The same woman scooped me up a second time and carried me home again. Again, I have a scar where the stich marks are.

It is funny, I don’t remember much about the pain in my eye or my hand, but I do remember that it was the same woman who brought me home twice. What makes this an angel story? When you grow up in a neighborhood like mine, everyone knows everyone else. There were no strangers lurking about. Yet, I never met this woman before, I know that. And I know it was the same woman both times. It was almost like she came out of thin air, to protect me, take care of me, love me. And then just disappeared again. I believe that she is my angel, watching over me. And I am relieved that God gives even the impetuous and impatient children angels, we may need them the most. God is Wisdom and Grace, proven once more!


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